Collection: Tsz-hin CHEUNG 張子軒

Tsz-hin CHEUNG was born in Hong Kong in 1987, he received an MFA degree from the Department of Fine Arts at Taipei National University in 2014 and a BBA degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2010. Cheung lives and grew up in the countryside nearby the boundary in northern Hong Kong. He spent most of his childhood playing in the field and hills.

Cheung has been working largely with paintings from various sources. In his paintings, something there was always uncertain yet gloomy, with a vibe of stillness, solitude, and passing of time. Cheung focuses on the intersection of the lost and vanished between "memories that reflect his personal remembrance” and “his observations in the moment”. Incident passed, memory lingered on. Past memories are often triggered or primed by one’s environment. Whenever a certain scene recalls a past event, the process of memory consolidation becomes imperative for him to paint.

Cheung joined an artist-in-residency program in northern Iceland in 2016.  His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

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