Chan Sze Lai, Cinder 陳詩麗


I put the sea into each minute. That piece of the sea then belongs only to that minute. After one day,
I collected 1440 pieces of sea.

The time was passing unintentionally through those 1440 pieces of sea. With the subtle changing of black and white tones, first from white to black and then from black to white, we become aware of feeling the time elapsing.


1440 graduations of tone from black to white is the tone of the sea as well as the time. It is like pieces of thread hanging down, back and forth on the loom and then being raised. Threads like silky rain that gather on the ground. And it becomes a piece of the sea of the time, finally.

Artist Contact

A day and a night
Ink on paper
14.8×21 cm each (a set of 12)

The sea of the time
Video Length:7 minutes

240 Moments
Thread knitting
30×20 cm