Cheung Hing Yee, Sophie 張馨儀


Eraser as subject
It is a freestanding object

Eraser as instrument
It can carry out dots, lines and planes By erasing

Eraser as counterweight
It is about how to offset
It always stays in between oblivion and retention
To counteract erosion and subjunction at the
same time
While I am erasing news from newspapers
Ink transferred onto eraser surface and then colours saved as memory
Let it be open-ended itself
By the heat of erasing
Stunning colours are kept fresh Its fabrics remain on the surface Saved as hair and sea ripples

Eraser as body
It evokes uncared memory of cleaning dirt on the skin It would be bone like jade
By erasing eraser

Eraser as soften stone
Contradiction of weight unfolded
Throughout erasing
While I am making dots onto erasers with pencil White wall stones in bathroom mounted
Skin pores opened up
Some memories in unknown times to make Eraser is more than erasure
Eraser is more than correction
Eraser is more than self-sacrifice

Artist Contact

Erasing News - While You Look at Each Eraser 2
Digital print on paper

Erasing News: Time-Lapse Colours
Ink (from newspaper) on 1,500 erasers