VR Machine Rental Services
VR 器材租借服務




New experience combining art and modern technology! As a busy and hardworking Hong Konger, we can’t always visit all fabulous exhibitions. AiRT PLUS’s Virtual 3-dimensional scanning solution makes art accessible to the public, anytime and anywhere, even after the physical exhibitions end.

We now provide VR machine rental service! Galleries can capture exhibitions by your own, artists can make some art with the modern technology! AiRT PLUS can't wait to share technology with art lovers and support the next-gen art development.

AiRT PLUS provides online platform support, helping local emerging artists to start their career, sponsoring local universities art graduation exhibitions. Furthermore, our platform also displays artists’ information and artworks, to show target audiences all the amazing details.

Plan your virtual art journey now!

Contact us at marketing@airtplus.com or 98535472 for details.


現代科技與藝術揉合新體驗!香港人日夜忙碌,想看但看不完香港無數個出色的展覽?AiRT PLUS 的 VR 3D 掃描方案令你隨時隨地觀賞展覽,實體展覽結束後繼續重溫!

現推出 VR 器材租借服務!藝術機構可以自行記錄珍貴展覽,藝術家可以利用現代科技為媒介創作。AiRT PLUS 全力支持新一代藝術發展,期待與各位藝術愛好者分享 VR 科技。

AiRT PLUS 也提供網頁支援服務,支持本地年輕藝術家起步,並曾多次贊助香港各大專大學藝術系畢業展。平台除了擺放虛擬實境展覽外,也能上載藝術家的資訊和作品,讓觀眾瀏覽每個細節。


詳情請聯絡 marketing@airtplus.com 或 98535472。