Geoffrey Palmer

The way everything changes over time fascinates me. These changes can vary from intensely slowly like geological change up to instantaneously as
in a chemical reaction. They can range from large
to small, be physical or metaphysical.

Greek philosopher Heraclitus (c. 535 – c. 475 BC)
was writing and teaching about impermanence and the fundamental changing of objects over time about 2500 years ago. Referring to such changes as flows, he stated, πάντα ṕεĩ (everything flows).

Drawing on these ideas of change and flows and relating them to the potter, I explore the way clay changes over time — both physically and chemically during the making process. The soft clay is transformed through rotation, physical manipulation, water evaporation, and finally, intense heat that causes thermochemical changes. The outcome of this investigation is my series of artwork named Flow.

Artist Contact

Flow (Perpetual Motion) #1
45×43×21 cm

Linear Flow
80×11×15 cm

Flow (First Law of Thermodynamics) #1
46×33×26 cm