Sharyn Wortman, Frsa 

Since moving to Hong Kong, Sharyn Wortman has developed a deep interest in the hegemonic effect that colonisation and global trade has on cultural identity.

Library of Acculturation represents the changes that occur when one cultural body comes into contact with what Gibson refers to as “culturally dissimilar people, groups and social influences” (2001).The result is a set of minimalist sculptural objects that explore the changes in cultural self when steeped
in the material of another.

“I am intrigued how we as a collective culture absorb the cultural material of an other. It’s often subtle and over a long period of time. These influences surround us in our daily lives and penetrate us from afar.
We are barely aware of it but they all have an effect on our behaviour. This is acculturation” states Wortman.

自移居至香港後,Sharyn對殖民化及全球貿易支配了文化 認同,產生了深厚的興趣。

「文化適應庫」,代表當一個文化體接觸另一個吉布森 (2001)所謂的「文化上不同的人、群體和社會薰陶」時,所 出現的變化。結果是一系列的簡約雕刻品,以探討當一個 文化個體沉浸於另一個體的物料時所產生的變化。

她指出:「因為所處的是集體文化,我們萃取了其他文化的 材料,令我深感激發。過程每每微妙,同時亦細水長流。這 氛圍都瀰漫在生活日常,滲透自遠而近。我們幾乎不察覺, 但行為上的變化總是難免。這便是文化適應。」

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Digital photograph

Library of Acculturation (Ma Wan folio)
Wild clay soaked in soy sauce and high fired
 17×4×11 cm

Conforming to a New Mould
8×8×10 cm