Tiffany Phillipson, 珏君

Me and Others is an installation which consists of tableware and found objects that relate to the relationship between me and my friends. My friends and I met regularly for dinner during the two months while making the artwork. After each meeting, new elements were added to the table setting in relation to the conversation we had, or the things that we experienced together, during our dinner.

I focused on the idea of making sharing vessels for friends. I added elements of both our relationship and interests to the making of the sharing vessels. The making process always gives a satisfying emotion, similar to the feeling when meeting with friends. Each vessel represents the personality, feeling of cherishing, and the connection between myself and my friends.

Based on personal experience, when I meet with friends it is usually to have dinner together, meaning communicating face to face, thus making each meeting even more precious. Through this project, I had the opportunity to review my relationship with my friends, reconnect and continue.




Artist Contact

Me and... Intersect
Dimensions variable

Me and... Unknown
Porcelain and mixed medium
Dimensions variable

Me and... Reconcile
Porcelain and stoneware
Dimensions variable