Yiu Tung Wing, Wenda 姚冬穎

Contrasting modern maps and proper historical archives, old maps with mythology are often lively, even humorous and mischievous. Thus, from Hong Kong’s humble beginnings, I express my sensuous response to the various developments that befell the territory and its various outlying islands. I develop cartoon-like characters with mythological qualities that correspond in style or nomenclature to both the names and origins of these islands. This is done to trigger viewer curiosity and imagination in respect of the islands’ origins.

Through the art-making process, I intervene with map-making, illustrations and installations, with a view to bringing forth Hong Kong’s history and culture, and deepening people’s identification with the land.

Artist Contact

The Legend of Island II
Ink on mulberry bark paper
80×112 cm

One Name, One Story
Mixed media
Dimensions variable

The Legend of Island I
Ink on paper
75×150 cm