Hong Kong x Japan Art Exchange:
Yuri Kezuka's Art Sharing
香港 x 日本藝術交流: 毛塚友梨藝術分享

Transcend Boundary, meeting with Japanese Artist Yuri Kezuka.

Yuri Kezuka, a Japanese ceramics artist, celebrates her 10-year artist career and  unveils her creative activities in her solo exhibition called "10 Years".  AiRT Plus is proud to invite her to speak with us online, to present her artworks, and to share her artist journey.

超越地域界限,與日本藝術家 毛塚友梨 Yuri Kezuka 進行網上對談。

 毛塚友梨 Yuri Kezuka 舉辦名為「十年」的個展,並即將加盟AiRT Plus 智藝空間,展示她作品。我們很榮幸可以邀請她與我們進行網上交流,介紹其作品和創作旅程

Date 日期:15 OCT 2020 (THU)
Time 時間:3pm - 4pm (Hong Kong Time)
Languages 語言:English 英語/Japanese 日語/Cantonese 廣東話

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