Elite II</br>Michael CHAN

Elite II
Michael CHAN

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Inkjet print in Satin Photo Paper
30cm x 40cm (
From the edition of 50

Returning to my alma mater, a place I was familiar with, I created the "Elite" series with the help of current students. When I saw the students through the camera lens wearing their school uniform, I felt like going back to the old days. Every time I pressed the shutter, I not only captured an image but also my feelings and memories of the education system in Hong Kong.

Triangles, circles and rectangles are the main shapes used in the composition of this series. The three shapes represent the different preoccupations that inspired me to express my opinion and views on the education system.

The process evolved from “self-projection” to “group participation” and from “control” to “release”. In the beginning, I staged each photograph. As part of this approach and technique, the subject is fully controlled by the photographer. When it came to capturing the last three photos, I gradually reduced these restrictions and gave the students free rein to express the message that they wanted to deliver.

Throughout the process, I felt the immense power of the teenagers, as well as their passion, vitality and energy!