Full and Emptiness 8</br>Michael CHAN

Full and Emptiness 8
Michael CHAN

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Inkjet print in Glossy Photo Paper
40cm x 40cm (Framed)
From the edition of 50

This series tries to present the thoughts of people in Disneyland, a world of fantasy, and also describes my feelings towards this space. From “empty” to “full” and back to“empty”, this process is constantly occurring in this make-believe place.

To capture these photographs, I used long-exposure photography techniques, hoping to record the state of visitors during this time and in this place. And when the shutter opened, the camera not only captured the scene but also recorded my memories and feelings.

I quietly stood aside, trying to observe the various visitors to this fantasy world from an outsider’s perspective.

The shimmering buildings exude dazzling brightness. They are a landmark that attracts uncountable dreamers, enchanting them with lights and enabling them to temporarily forget about the emptiness inside.

Disneyland is an imaginary world where everything appears easy and beautiful but nothing has ever existed in reality. In this place, some feel loneliness, some feel ecstasy and some are like insects attracted to bright lights.

Why do people come here? They seem to be looking for something they have lost, pursuing a dream that cannot exist in reality, pursuing a filled empty world.