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Inkjet print in Satin Photo Paper
40cm x 32cm (Framed)
From the edition of 50

This photo series captures the memories of my family and I. The photos were taken by double exposure. The first exposure was taken in Hong Kong where was under British rule for 156 years and the second one in the United Kingdom.

In September of 2015, my wife, my little daughter and I first arrived in London – a city that gave me a feeling of both strange and familiar. Hong Kong is just like a copy of this city, but the culture and content are different.

London has more parks and open spaces than Hong Kong, where we are usually surrounded by skyscrapers. The feeling of openness in the UK was so different from the feeling of living in Hong Kong, and it evoked my memories of home and the feeling of being compressed. This emotion drove me to revisit and photograph all the places I had lived before, my Hong Kong homes.

In September 2016, I went back to the UK alone with the exposed film to do the second exposure. The feeling of loneliness triggered me to revisit the places that we had been as a family and recorded the scenes and memories that we had before.