SP Tea Poetry Box
5 Tea Boxes Mix (Each Box includes 5 Sachets, ~3g per Sachet)

- A Beautiful mix of Pink Rose Bubs, Chamomile, Lavender, Hibiscus, Sunflowers, Apple Bits & Dried Figs. It's a Garden of Love & Beauty

- A Blissful & Healthy Blend with Red Rooibos, Blueberries & Cornflowers, creating a Creamy & Sweet flavor. Rich in Anti-oxidants making it a Healthy Brew

Bon Appetite
- A Refreshing Blend of Ripe Peaches, Spicy Ginger and Premium Sencha

Cheer Me Up
- A Wonderful Fresh Fruity Black Tea with Orange, Rose & Vanilla Notes

My Lady
- An Elegant Blend of Oolong tea with Chamomile, Pink Rose Petals & Peppermint

*No Caffeine